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LDN and Crohn's Disease

Mar. 8, 2007

Posted by Jane Anderson under Uncategorized, Daily Journal
3 yr old with crohn's on LDN w/positive results � Thread Started on Oct 2, 2007, 12:56pm � [Quote] I feel McCandless most likely has this child on a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free diet also. Update on a 3 year old with crohn's. Dr. McCandless has dealt with children using a special formulated transdermal LDN cream for children. --- In [email protected], JAQUELYN MCCANDLESS wrote: Just wanted to give you a father's report on the tiny 3-yr old girl who had 5 bloody stools a day on steroids and facing more serious medications - after 2 months on LDN 3mg transdermally: Her BMs are now reduced to 1/day(sometimes 2), Blood is not visible. She is now completely tapered off Prednisone and Sulfasalazine and is much less moodier and happy. Her appetite has also improved. A happy report! Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless

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Feb. 24, 2007

Posted by Jane Anderson under Samples
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